1. John R Rambo

    In my experience they were actually shaken when I suggested that any violence toward whites from their pets result in the same to a Jew. I was banned for life.

  2. noiZitnA

    I had the same experience, also in Niggermania site. It was totally bizarre — as soon as you post even a mildly critical mention of the rat-faced ones, they CUT RIGHT IN and rap your knuckles. It’s possible they have a point — with rightists you have to keep any presentation or forum on point, or there’s a riot — but these people are extreme. Even American Renaissance you can get away with more.

  3. Mike

    We wouldn’t have a nigger problem, without a Jew problem. They control the Fed. Reserve, the American Federation of Teachers, their publishers produce the textbooks, and their control of the mass media of news and entertainment is undeniable. No way out but through the Jew.

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