1. Johor

    ZCF has some interesting support from R Lewis, the writer of The Thirteenth Stone. You will not find a copy of this book anywhere now. It was blacklisted (by whom is not known – Vatican? Israel?)
    but he does go much farther back into the history of the Jews including the 8th century converts from South Russia called the Khazars. They transformed into the Askenazi Jews who are the foundation of Zionism. Just as the Sephardic Jews were subjected to expulsion from their homeland (the Diaspora) by the Romans in 70AD to spread havoc in North Africa and elsewhere. so were the Zhazar ‘Jews’ expelled from their lands by the Russians and others to spread havoc through Europe in their own unique way – a 2nd Diaspora if you like!
    Those two events coming after historical traumas suffered in Ancient Egypt and Babylon, compounded by recent experiences in 19th and 20th century Europe has helped create the Zionism we know today.
    Also, their religious position as set out very clearly in the Talmud (consider the political nature of their Purim Festival)gives the key to their ‘exceptionalism’ and world domination aspirations. Again, look into the background of the leaders of the Bolshviks in the Russian Revolution and you will again find Zionists in control which would suggest that the rise of Communism was a major attempt by the Zionists for world domination.
    But by that time there were as many of them (if not more!) living in the USA and in a good way of business in banking (where else?) and entrepreneurial commerce. The Rothschilds played both sides, a profoundly Zionist gambit still played by Israel today as ZCF details in the opening chapter of his book.
    Lewis approach is different in that he seeks to trace the origins of the story back more that 6000 years to a time when wiser counsels led the peoples of the planet. He accounts for the deterioration to the situation we are in today as being down to immense cosmic forces we cannot nor will not ever learn to control any more than we can control the seasons. Our capacity to bugger up the weather is different! His interest was sparked by the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls and the consequent efforts by both the RC church and Israel (Zionism) to stop them being quickly translated and published.
    If Fuerza’s book is available so should Lewis’ but it can be read at
    Good luck.The truth is out there but no longer hidden if you know where to look

    • Reginald Lewis Da Costa the sephardic jew ???
      He died 3rd November 2005, did he contact ZCF in a late night seance ???
      Fuerza has absolutely no life experience nor knowledge except what he has read on the internet and regurgitated with a twist here or there. But the fact remains, absolutely no knowledge, experience, or any original thought. He has no conclusions except to parrot what makes sense to his feeble brain.

      When the new “beings” shoot down from outerspace (not blue beamed) I may give it all a second thought.

  2. Robert Lloyd

    ZCF is a classic instigator. To start calling people supremacists to get our people into smaller and smaller groups is all Jewish warfare. To get us arguing semantics on whether we are Aryans or White Supremacists is just non-sense. I’m Aryan, separatist, supremacist, and Christian. Everything ZCF is not.

    Let’s not let this guy hurt our people.

  3. Jason

    Who did ZCF ever post the personal info of?
    It’s about time people turn on you CI faggots. Now we can finally get some work done.

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